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specialty casting searches

The following playlist exhibits a wide array of talent searches from traditional commercials, real-people with compelling stories, specialized skills and talents, and projects that depict the beautiful grit of New York in all its glory. 

creative process

cdj casting has extensive experience with street-casting, specialized targeted searches, and finding the best available talent for any given commercial or project. With nearly 15 years experience, we've found little leaguers, choirs, athletes, dancers, magicians and illusionists, and real people  with the ability to compellingly share their stories in a telegenic way.

Hide and Seek
Samsung Galaxy- A Perfect Day
Infor TriBeCa Film Fest
The 100_Main Film _ MetLife
The 100_SABRINA  _ MetLife
The 100_LESTER _ MetLife
The 100_LEE _ MetLife
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